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Crafting Wonder. VITA creates cherished experiences for people around the world and across generations.

As a boutique multi-disciplinary firm comprised of architects, planners and landscape architects, the people at VITA create communities that delight families, increase land value and protect local and regional natural resources. For our clients, this means we strive to create places where generations of family members return because of their strong sense of connection to the community. For the environment, we ‘do no harm’.

We choose to enhance the beauty of what is already there in order to ensure that the area remains ecologically sound. For decades, VITA has put tens of thousands of acres into private, protected preserves for a simple reason. We choose to build communities with lasting value.

As a result of our philosophy, VITA people envision and create communities around the world that people can experience with a sense of wonder for decades to come.

  • Brooke Valen - Project Manager with VITA since

    While there are pushes occasionally, the work hours generally don’t involve late nights or weekends. VITA is also very understanding when family needs require changes to my schedule.”

    Brooke Valen
    Project Manager with VITA
  • Garren Owens - Senior Project Manager with VITA since

    I enjoy VITA’s diverse portfolio of work and great clients that like to build wonderful projects. Because we are team-based, everyone is exposed to different areas of expertise—from concept to completion. This makes VITA an excellent place to grow.”

    Garren Owens
    Senior Project Manager with VITA
  • Nancy Liu - Designer with VITA since

    VITA is a place to learn, grow, have fun and shine.”

    Nancy Liu
    Designer with VITA
  • Ike Red - Senior Architect with VITA since

    I have a real sense of achievement and contribution working at VITA. I have a growing portfolio of work that is diverse in type, location and scope. And, I’m really proud of it.”

    Ike Red
    Senior Architect with VITA

Open Doors, Hearts and Spaces

For 17 years VITA has established an international reputation for excellence in Landscape Architecture and Planning in community place-making and hospitality design. At each step of the planning and visioning process we rely on our collective backgrounds to arrive at innovative, functional, artistic and sustainable solutions.

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VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture

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