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Senior Landscape Architect

Senior Landscape Architects at VITA are design innovators, breathing life and passion into our design forms. They intuitively grasp the programmatic, functional and sentient components of landscapes and places. Key skills include: form-giving, diverse cultural experience, passion for materials and composition.

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Project Manager

Project Managers at VITA are leaders, overseeing all aspects of project design, schedule and coordination. It is a client facing position that requires the ability to track various efforts while leading and educating the project team. Key skills include: being a self-starter, time-management, project strategy and communication.

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Landscape Designer

Landscape Designers at VITA are learners, collaborating with Principals and Project Managers at the project level. They must be able to pick up new skills and understand and work toward identified project goals. Key attributes: eager to learn, passionate, team-player and strong communication skills.

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Project Accountant

The Project Accountant position is central to all business matters of VITA Planning and Landscape Architecture. You will play an integral part in delivering quality design projects on-schedule and on-budget, and assisting the company reach its financial goals.

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Administrative Assistant

If VITA were a marathon runner, the Administrative Department would be our legs. We have significant projects under construction globally, firm leaders traveling frequently, high-profile clients… all while being a firm of Creative Artists.

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Additional Openings

VITA is also looking for Administrative and Accounting rock stars. If you've worked in our industry, or a similar service-based industry, we'd love to hear from you.
  • Hannah Malboeuf - Landscape Designer with VITA since

    Working at VITA is never boring. There are always new challenges to tackle, a new skill to learn or a new story to hear.”

    Hannah Malboeuf
    Landscape Designer with VITA
  • Ivan Kelley - Senior Project Manager with VITA since

    It would be difficult to find a company working on a more exciting collection of projects in so many interesting locations around the world. VITA has given me the opportunity to grow, travel and advance my career. ”

    Ivan Kelley
    Senior Project Manager with VITA
  • Brook Valen - Project Manager with VITA since

    VITA is all about team—from the top down. The senior staff is extremely knowledgeable and always accessible for input and ideas. They’re fantastic mentors.”

    Brook Valen
    Project Manager with VITA
  • Jeanne Lau - Designer with VITA since

    Our new office space has floor to ceiling windows. One window overlooks the water and the other overlooks the mountains. I love starting my day with that view.”

    Jeanne Lau
    Designer with VITA

Employee Spotlight

Jeff Gonot

Senior Designer Joined Vita in August 2016

Why did you choose to join VITA?
I liked the diversity of the projects and their locations. Additionally, the breadth and depth of knowledge on the team seemed to make it a great place to continue to learn. Now that I have been at VITA for some time, I would say that my co-workers are as big a benefit to working here as the projects and the location of our office.

What’s your normal work day like?
Each day is different and varied, which is something I really enjoy. I might be drawing up construction details, coordinating materials with manufacturers, preparing landscape concept designs and / or managing a range of different types of projects. One thing that is a constant is the daily pour over coffee…it’s a necessity!

What is the most satisfying thing about your job?
I enjoy making a difference by creating communities where people and nature can thrive. When that happens and you see a final constructed project…now that’s satisfying.

“I enjoy making a difference by creating communities where people and nature can thrive.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
We are a busy studio of designers and creatives that care greatly about what we do. Some days are busier than others, but overall, I’ve been able to balance out work and play relatively well. In my spare time, I enjoy trail running, cycling, swimming and golfing. I’m also always seeking out the best craft beer, coffee, ham and cheese croissants and live music around the Bay Area.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
I try to go somewhere new every year, but recently I went to Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy for my birthday with friends and family. We celebrated and learned a great deal. Up next, Southeast Asia!

Jeff Gonot - Senior Designer with VITA since August 2016
Jeff Gonot - Senior Designer with VITA since August 2016
Jeff Gonot - Senior Designer with VITA since August 2016

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