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Senior Landscape Architect

Senior Landscape Architects at VITA are design innovators, breathing life and passion into our design forms. They intuitively grasp the programmatic, functional and sentient components of landscapes and places. Key skills include: form-giving, diverse cultural experience, passion for materials and composition.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Passion for art, design and composition
  • Passion for place-making in the broadest sense
  • Experience with various project types (Resort/Hospitality experience a plus)
  • Sound technical understanding and ability to select harmonious materials
  • Excellent graphic communication skills (computer and/or hand)
  • Track-record of excelling in a team-oriented environment
  • Track-record of designing and overseeing construction of great public places or landscapes
  • An excellent design portfolio
  • Experience storytelling a plus


  • Competitive Base Salary - commensurate with experience
  • Year-End Bonus
  • Full Benefits - medical/dental coverage
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401K, Pension and Profit Sharing Plans

About VITA

For 17 years VITA has established an international reputation for excellence in Landscape Architecture and Planning in community place-making and hospitality design. At each step of the planning and visioning process we rely on our collective background to arrive at innovative, functional, artistic and sustainable solutions.

Our goal? Respond to cultural and environmental needs and deliver authentic experiences.

We believe design is a journey of discovery; an elegant dance in which we strive to manifest a bold vision while choreographing environmental, construction, budget and social realities.

Across five continents, we’ve stewarded the vision for over thirty communities, dozens of resorts and hundreds of residences. We are proud that they are as culturally relevant today as they were when they were inspired ideas and trace-paper scribbles.

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VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture

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